10 Best Places to Visit in India especially for tourist in 2021

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India is known as the mother of so many inventions like algebra, number zero, shampoo, chess. but beside these great inventions India is a land of beautiful places. 10 best palaces to visits in India are as follows .

10) Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The Ajanta Caves are the oldest of the two beautiful attractions, featuring Buddhist cave monuments cut into the rock as old as 2nd century BC. The Ajanta caves are covered in murals (Piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall) and paintings, most of which reflect Buddhist stories.

9) Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. Delhi is full of beautiful places to visit. One of the top sights in Delhi is the Red Fort, or Lal Qila, India gate. The Red Fort is made from sandstone, and you will be able to walk through its Lahore Gate, into the bazaar, through the jewel palace and even into the former residence of the sultan. While in Delhi, you should also visit museums and religious structures that make up the city.

8) Goa Beaches

India’s not only just full of huge cities, it also has amazing beaches in south Goa. Its stretches of golden sand along the Arabian Sea offer something for every type of tourist.  You can also visit Goa for vacations party and you wont regret it.

7) Varanasi

Also known as holiest place of India .With a history dating back to more than 3,000 years, Varanasi is one of the world’s oldest living cities. Located in North India on the banks of the River Ganges, Varanasi has been an important centre of learning for ages as well as a chief pilgrimage destination for many Hindus.

6) Amritsar

Amritsar, the “Jewel of Punjab,” has made its claim to fame with its remarkable Golden Temple. One of the holiest places in the world for Sikhs. Golden temple also has world’s largest community kitchen which serves 100,000+ dinners including curious tourists.

5) Agra

If there was just one symbol to represent all of India, it would be the Taj Mahal. The monument inspires millions of tourists to make the trip to Agra every year, waking up before dawn to see magnificent structure radiate at sunrise.

4) Kerala

Also known as “God’s own country”, kerala is a coastal state in India, known for its differentiating tradition and culture. Its lush unspoiled tropical beauty, exotic locales and tranquil backwaters attract travellers from across the world who seeks leisurely vacation.

3) Ooty

Ooty is an astonishing hill station which has been known as the ‘Queen of hill stations’. Ooty is the capital of Nilgiri district in Tamil Nadu. Towering to an altitude of 2, 767 m above sea level, Ooty is a famous destination among honeymooners.

2) Ladakh

Ladakh is one place in India which remains favourite for every travellers. and is a dream destination which will remain etched in his mind even years after the trip is over! Ladakh’s majestic and raw beauty is one which captivates every tourist visiting this place while also leaving them longing for more.

1) Shimla

Hill of Queen Shimla is a capital of Himachal Pradesh surrounded by it’s natural beauty is one of the recognized tourist spot in India. Three are many tourist places to visit in and around Shimla like Indian Institute of Advance Studies, Glen, Ridge, Mall Road, Lakar bazaar, Jakhu Temple Fagu, Kufri, chail etc.The majestic snow clad mountains, stunningly rich greenery and the beautiful lakes in the land of Shimla greet you to enjoy their timeless beauty

Visit 10 awesome places in India to visit for vacation party

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