10 Unbelievable Facts About Apple Company

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Apple one of the biggest company in the world which has revenue of $64 billion as of October 2020. You know lost of things about apple company from its founder steve to how he built Apple with steve wozniak . But there are several facts that you aren’t aware about. so lets have a look on these facts.

1) Apples first logo was not real Apple (fruit) it was Isaac Newton sitting under tree ‘

2) company had three co-founder Steve jobs, Steve wozniak & Ronald Wayne but Ronald left after 12 days Apple was founded.

3) Apple company is so big, that it has twice the amount of money than the United States Treasury.

4) Apple launched its computer line called Lisa in 1983. It was a failure for Apple, About 2,700 of the Lisa devices are thrown in a landfill in Utah.

5) This company is so successful, that in the 1st quarter of 2014, company made huge money than Facebook, Amazon & Google combined.

6) Apple has excess capital of about $150 billion that it could buy big companies like Facebook & Netflix. 7) Steve Wozniak sold his scientific calculator to raise money for Apple.

8) Digital color camera was first made by Apple Company.

9) Apples ipod was inspired by the film 2001 : A Space Odyssey.

10) Every citizen of America could get $490 if Apple decides to give his cash on hand which is around $155 billion.

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