5 Disasters happened in 2020 in the world

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2020 was filled with lots of deadly disasters. Nature has been cruel in 2020. But we can clearly understand that if we doesn’t care about nature it will do the same. So let us look at the mega disasters made by nature so for in 2020

1) Bushfires, country-Australia

Bush fire in Australia is common occurrence and usual but the country witnessed unusual

Bushfire in the beginning of 2020. That bush fire was very intense & destructive. It burned around 18.6 Million hectares of forests, effected around 5000 buildings & killed over 34 people. Because of this bushfire the black cockatoo in the Australia are near to get extinct.

2) Attacks of locust , country- Africa and Asia

locust attack in 2020 was the worst in Kenya & other countries such as India , Ethiopia Somalia. The outbreak in India happened in beginning of 2020. Affected several states of India like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Haryana.

According to government of Rajasthan there was around 33% crop damage in the state. Less than 33% of crop damage happened in Haryana.

3) Amphan cyclone, country- India

Year 2020 was full of cyclones in India. In North India overall these cyclones damaged around $15.68 Billion & killed over 250 people. Amphan is said to be one of the strongest cyclone that hit the nation.

Second cyclone hit India called Nivar it damaged around $600 million & killed around 13 people. Other cyclone such as Nisarga, & Gati has aslo affacted the country.

4) Floods, Country-Assam

Flood is common in North India but in 2020 unusual flood damaged the states Assam, the flooding began in May. By October the flood affected around 50 lakhs people in 30 districts 5000+ villages. killed over 123 people and made 1 lakh + people to migrate.

5) Beirut’s ammonium nitrate blast, country-Lebanon

On the evening of 4th August when every one was enjoying sunset a devastating blast happen the country. The blast was so powerful that it was heard more than 200 km away.

It killed around 220 people & injured 5000+ people . that powerful blast made innocent 300,000 people homeless. the amount of ammonium nitrate which was blast was around 2,759 tonnes. ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound used in fertilizers.

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