5 Surprising principles of Reiki Healing to connect you with powerful Universal Energy

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Reiki has proven results with most cases. Read more about Reiki and know something new

About Reiki Healing

Reiki is Japanese concept also called as Energy healing. Many things from Japan have been surprising world like Shinto & Buddhism, Shrines & Temples, Sumo Wrestling, Meiji period, etc. Reiki healing is based on idea of transferring energy.

Technique is called “Palm Healing” or “Hands on healing”. In Palm healing, Reiki practitioner keeps palm on affected area or body part where it pains. Then with help of their energy they transfer the energy to patient and most times patient actually gets relief from the pain. Though there’s no clinical study to prove effectiveness of Reiki but people’s experience have been positive with Reiki. Mikao Usui is name to be first person to teach people Reiki techniques. Researcher says, Reiki is more of psychological concept.

Reiki Music

Just like meditation music which calms mind and helps in focusing on something, Reiki music is also sound that is very low and slow. This music is play while practising Reiki or played for some time before treatment.

Reiki Massage

Its Massage is about same thing where practitioner places hands over affected area of body and rubs gently or slides over that area. Reiki massage is said to help in anxiety, relieve stress and relaxation.

Reiki Master

Becoming Reiki Master is a journey which requires reverence and respect for Reiki. There are very few Reiki Master and its rare thing to find genuine Reiki Master. Becoming Reiki Master is long journey with practice with knowledge.

Effect of Reiki on Chakras

Chakra’s are wheel that is centre of energy of body. Chakra has huge impact over your own life. And Reiki helps in fixing these Chakras. Chakra gets blocked when you come in contact with Negative surrounding or Negative people. Person with aligned Chakra are most effective and efficient ones.

Reiki Principle’s

These principles have objective to live according to Reiki principle for a day and keep trying to do it everyday. It is all based on our self behaviour and emotions. Five Principles are listed below :

1. Only for today, I will be not be angry on any thing

This is more of improving your relation with anger. Reacting to anything with anger comes from anger placed within ourselves. So to stop these, you just have accept whatever it is and start reacting positively and normally. Living life without anger have good effect not just on yourselves but also on people around you and related to you.

2. Only for today, I will not be worried about anything

Many of us spend too much of time thinking about past event or upcoming future events. This behaviour of thinking past or future events blocks us from living the present moments. Enlist the things you are worried about and think of letting it go. Take a deep breath and slowly breath out with the thought of letting go all your worries.

3. Only for today, I will be grateful for everything in life

Being grateful to everything keeps your mind calm and allows to let go fear of events. Being grateful for everything means to give credit to God for all the good things and events happen with us. To be grateful is to behave like one. You can thank in your mind about all the things or you can just thank to the person on face which will give good energy to opposite person as well.

4. Only for today, I will expand consciousness

In life, being mindfulness is key to balancing energy and emotions. Most of us have heard about Subconscious Mind. So being conscious is about being aware of behaviour coming from subconscious mind. Expanding Consciousness requires Meditation. Meditation can be of any form.

5. Only for today, I will be gentle with all beings

Being gentle helps receive same positive energy from others. Being gentle your own selves is also important here. Start it with yourself by enlisting your own hearth behaviour to yourself and with help of deep breadth and exhale let that negative energy go out.

Few more important things can really help to improve life quality like Healthy diet, Ways to detox your body, etc.

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