5 Top Toy Companies in India Right Now

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Indian toy market was about $1.75 Billion in 2019 & it is predicted to grow around $3.3 Billion By 2024. With CAGR of 15%. lets see which are those companies.

1) Hot wheels

Hot wheels is one of the biggest manufacturing in India, established in the year of 1968 by Elliot Handler with co-founder Ruth Handler. It is one of the admired toy company in India.

2) Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price company was founded in 1930 & it is founded by Irving Price & Herman Fisher. Headquarter of fisher-price is located at New York, U.S. This company had around 5000 different unique toys. This company has total annual revenue of $2 Billion.

3) Lego

Lego is one of the famous and large toy manufacturing company in the world. It was founded in Billund which is located in Denmark. Lego was founded by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932. This company has total annual revenue of around $2 Billion . Toy bricks is the most a famous toy ever manufactured by Lego.

4) Funskool Ltd

Funskool Ltd was founded in India & from lots of market research Funskool is considered as the most favourite amongst the various top toy companies. This company was established in Chennai, India by joint venture of Hasbro & MRF. This company has annual revenue of $35 Million.

5) MEGA Bloks

This company was established in 1967 by Rita & Victor Bertrand in Canada. MEGA Bloks has total annual revenue of around $ 425 million.

Today China is at number one position in exporting toys, U.S.A is at the second position, Germany is at the Third position followed by Hong Kong, Czechia, Japan & Netherlands.

source: statista

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