5 Ways to Detox your body: Full Detoxification of the Body

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Detoxification of body is getting free from toxic substance present in body. You don’t have to follow any specific diet to remove toxins from your body. It is easy to get rid of those toxins. Here are the ways to detox your body:

1) Drinking More Water

Drinking more amount of water fulfil your thirst and also remove toxins from your body. There are 4 main function of body Absorption, Distribution, metabolism & Excretion. So during this process, waste get accumulated in your body which need to be excreted. This happen from berating, urination, and sweating. Water helps in this process of excretion of waste.

2) More Sleep

Adequate sleep is link with the detoxification of body & also support the body health. Enough sleep allows your body to remove the toxic byproducts from your body. Which is accumulated throughout the day. One should sleep 7-9 hours.

3) Drinking Less Alcohol

Alcohol is metabolized in liver it but produces a chemical. This chemical is toxic for your body which then gets converted into acetate. It gets removed from the body. Excessive alcohol can leads to the damage of your liver. Men should take 2 drink per day & women 1 drink per day.

4) Yoga

Yoga you can help your body to remove the toxins from your body. Doing yoga daily can remove toxins like carbon dioxide (CO2) & lactic acid. Following are the poses of yoga for detoxification :

  • Wide Leg Forward Fold
  • Seated Twist
  • Eagle Pose
  • Three-Legged Downward Facing Dog

5) Detoxifying Foods & Drinks

Below is the list of food & drinks that can help you in the detoxification of Body. Also helps in balancing your hormones levels which makes you happy & healthy.

Garlic and Ginger, Beetroot, coconut water, Turmeric, Lemons, Broccoli, Apples.

With body detoxification, Mind detoxification is something always helps and adds to same purpose

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