7 ways to relax your mind when you are disturbed

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you always need to relax your mind when lots of negative thoughts are running & disturbing you. there are lots of amazing solution for it. you don’t have to do too much just follow the ways to relax your mind given in this article.

Strategies to relax your mind in stress full condition

1. Meditation

Meditation is the best way to relax your mind in any situation. lots of celebrities like katy perry, Oprah Winfrey practice meditation daily. Not only celebrities CEOs of big shot companies like Jeff Weiner(LinkedIn), William Clay Ford Jr. (Ford motors) practice meditation daily. To manage big companies it is very important to stable your mind & body for which meditation is necessary. daily & consistence meditation with meditation music will be more beneficial for the well being. Breathing exercise is well add more value to your meditation.

2. Eating Chocolates

Eating Chocolates is a bad habit that one can have but some time chocolates are boon for us. lots of study suggest that eating chocolate can reduce your stress & relax your mind. Chocolate contains a chemicals which boost the endorphins in our body these endorphins will make you feel happy & relaxed. Chocolates also contains chemicals which increases serotonin also known as happy hormone which will make you fell relaxes & calm. You can eat any type of chocolate nut dark chocolate would be more beneficial for it.

3. Relaxing Music

We all love listening music. Some time listing good relaxing music can Calm your disturbed mind and can bring you back to the good mood. soothing music can have amazing calming effect on your mind & body. Especially low, quite music would be great for the mind & body. soothing music & soft music can lower the blood pressure & can release happy hormone.

4. Talking to your good friend or family member

Going to the friend or family member & talking regarding what bothers you can relax you tremendously. Talking to the trusted friend and having a walk with them can make you even more calm & In family you can talk to any one depending on whom you are comfortable with, but talking to mother would be great if you want to put off the weight from your chest.

5. Sleeping

When ever you feel disturbed just let go all the negative thoughts & sleep. it will release the tension from your body & as well as from the brain. you will feel fresh after waking up and you will find that your mind is more calmer than it was before the sleep. It would be great if you here a good soothing sleep music with will make you feel more better.

6. Exercise

Doing Aerobic Exercise will have amazing effect on your mind. it is the best way to calm your mind. Heavy breathing will have a great effect on your body.

7. Green Tea

Green Tea is packed with various useful chemicals that have great effects on brain & body. Green tea contains L-theanine a protein that will make you calmer & relaxed. Drinking green tea daily can reduce the stress level drastically & also other has other benefits for the body. It will also help in detoxification of your body

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