FASTag? All you need to know about it (2021)

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What is FASTag? FASTag meaning

To make sure that there should be less traffic on toll roads Government of India made it essential for every vehicle owners to have FASTag. It allows vehicle owner to pay toll just by scanning the QR code saving lots of time.

FASTag Registration

1) You can register it through several banks portal such as HDFC or ICICI or you can go to official portal of nhai FASTag for FASTag online registration.

2) Two option will appear one retail login for individual & Corporate login for corporate customer.

3) Click on First time user on home page

4) Enter Customer ID, RFID Number, Wallet ID, Vehicle ID any two is mandatory

5) Enter the registered phone number

6) you will get OTP after clicking on generate OTP . An OTP will be sent on your mobile number for the for password request.

7) Set a new password

8) Set three secret question & click on continue

9) Then login page will be displayed than enter your log in ID & Password

FASTag Card

Image result for fastag cards

It can be bought from the banks branches or online service of of banks & the banks are HDFC, Bank of baroda, Axis, SBI, ICICI, City union bank. You can also have it at NHAI point sale at tolls or payment websites like PAYTM and e-commerce website like Amazon.

FASTag App

The App Can be downloaded from Android device as well as ios device

For Android click FASTag App for ios click FASTag App


You can apply for it directly by SBI FASTag Portal by clicking fastag SBI

FASTag Bank list

  1. fastag SBI
  2. Axis Bank FASTag
  3. ICICI Bank FASTag
  4. IDFC Bank FASTag
  5. HDFC Bank FASTag
  6. Karur Vysya Bank FASTag
  7. EQUITAS Small Finance Bank FASTag
  8. Bank of baroda FASTag

And many more..

How to check the fastag balance?

If you have registered your Tags with NHAI then you just have to give a missed call at +91-8884333331. This will only for those who have registered with NHAI it wont apply is some one has registered to other prepaid wallets.

Fees and Charges of FASTags

For fees & charges click HERE

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