All you need to know about intermittent fasting! the best way to stay fit (2021)

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You don’t always need a strict diet to stay fit. intermittent fasting is all about when to eat not what to eat. the clear cut definition of intermittent fasting is it is a phenomenon in which the one changes the time cycle for eating & fasting.

What is intermittent fasting?

It is pattern of eating where one cycle between eating food & fasting. it is not a diet plan neither it is about what food to eat it is all about when to eat food to get healthy or loose weight.

Types of intermittent fasting plans

  1. Eat Stop Eat – In this you should not eat any thing in dinner until the dinner of the next day. but you should do this only once or twice a week.
  2. 16/8- Fasting for straight 16 hours a day and eating for 8 hours including breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  3. 5:2 diet method – in this pattern you should only eat around 500-600 calories, (2 days a week).

Note*- It will be good if you discard sugar from your food mostly processed sugar. sugar from fruits are well & ok.

intermittent fasting for loosing weight

Fating on alternate day is the most common method here in you have to fast alternate days form example fasting for Monday, Wednesday, Friday & eating on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. this plan will cut down your calories and results in to cutting down your body fats.

Intermittent fasting side effects

It is good but some time it can cause several side effects if care is not taken properly.

  1. It will make feel sick some one

Some time you can experience headache, crankiness & lethargy. to resolve this side effects you can switch to time restricted eating plans that make you to eat foods every day but certain period of time.

2. over eating

Some time people tends to over eat after fasting for too long time period. its a human tendency to provide the rewards from hard work. But you should restrict your self.

3. It may cause some dangerous side effects if some one is on medication

Decreasing the calories intake in some people suffering from diabetes & blood pressure patients could be dangerous

Ways to get rid of intermittent fasting side effects

Reducing the window for eating slowly over the period of time could be best way for eliminating side effects.

Staying hydrated is also a good idea for eliminating side effects with less calories beverages such as coffee or water.

Continue to medications as advised by doctors.

Intermittent fasting Apps

It need very strict appetite control, scheduling & control of mind. Through some great apps you can achieve it. There are lots apps that monitor your over all fasting parameters. Following are the best apps that a worthy to use.

  1. Window – Intermittent fasting tracker – For Android for IOS
  2. Fastic: Fasting App & Intermittent Fasting Tracker – For Android for IOS
  3. Fastient – fasting tracker & journal – For Android for IOS
  4. BodyFast Intermittent Fasting Tracker – Diet Coach – For Android for IOS
  5. Vora – Fasting Tracker – For Android for IOS

Intermittent fasting keto

Intermittent fasting & keto diet are two words that are booming hot topics.

This both can be use if some one is looking for loosing weight & healthy diet. but with some effects some people are confuse whether they can follow both the plans or not.

In simple language keto diet is high fat & low carb (Carbohydrate) Intake diet

Following are the benefits if you merge Intermittent fasting with keto diet.

  1. It may smooth your keto path

2. It may leads you to loose fat more & fast

Is combining both a good idea?

combining both a good idea For healthy person it may a good idea if he or she is truing to stay healthy or just loose some fats.

But some conditions such as in pregnancy or some is suffering from diabetes or blood pressure should consult with doctor first.

Intermittent fasting for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Currently there are not much research present regarding this topic. but here are the some evidence based comments

  1. Reduction of calories can results in weight loss in women with PCOS. This will be beneficial in fertility, insulin resistance patients or managing the PCOS symptoms.
  2. During the time of conceive it is not a good idea to follow this diet as it require strict diet.

Intermittent fasting pros & cons


  1. Weight loss
  2. Fat loss
  3. Maintaining blood sugar level
  4. Reduction in inflammation
  5. Memory booster
  6. Maintaining blood cholesterol & blood pressure


  1. Low energy levels
  2. Increase hunger
  3. Digestion issue
  4. Eating disorder
  5. Slower metabolism

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