Amazing Start up facts & figures ! Start ups of India

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Start up facts & figures tells a lot about Indian people & their enthusiasm for businesses .The growth of startups in India is growing day by day. It is expected by researchers & experts that in 2021 at least 12 starts will join the business race.

India is the one of the country where lots of people from another country thinks to start their business. as of year 2020 India ranks 63rd in ease of doing business.

15 % of the Indian population are involved in startup business the leading enterprise is one97 communications the company started by Mr vijay shankar . this company owns biggest payment service app Paytm. Headquarter of one97 communications is in New Delhi with more than 4500 people working in it.

The year on year growth of startups in India is expected to grow at 12 to 15 %.

Bangalore has been listed at the 20th rank in the worlds leading startup cities in 2019 startup genome project. Bangalore is also considered as worlds fastest growing cities regarding start ups

Percent of women entrepreneurs is 14 %

Indian ranks 3rd in fastest growing technology hub startups.

The average age of any startup founder in India is around 28 . India stands 3rd in startup business after U.S & U.K

5 billion of funding was given to startups till 2015.

2 to 3 startup is born every in India the average valuation of startups in india is $2.5 to 2.7 million .

E-commerce kind of startups take the share of 13 to 15 % .

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