Human Rights

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Human Rights have made life easier for most of the population. These human rights allows us to report to Police to take action if anything is against law. Awareness may lack in many countries. If everyone will be aware of basic human rights then may be people who don’t follow will be at limit.

What are Human Rights?

Everyone on earth is entitled to these rights irrespective of Race, Sex, Nationality, Religion or any other status. It includes Civil, Cultural, Economic, Political & Social rights. These human rights are above all. These Human Rights Include :

  • Right to Life & Liberty
  • Freedom from Slavery & Torture
  • Freedom of Opinion & Expression
  • Right to Work and Education

International Human Rights Law

Everyone is entitled by these laws without any discrimination. As a result, people feel empowered having these laws. International Human Rights Law makes sure to list down actions against non followers of these laws. Therefore, laws are being protected and promoted. UN has registered these laws which are acceptable.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

It has been an achievement for every one of us. Drafted by people from different legal & cultural background of world. As a result, these laws were proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948 in Paris. It is most translated document in world i.e., translated into more than 500 languages.

International Agreement on Social, Economical & Cultural Rights was established in year 1976. And second optional protocol was accepted in 1989. These rights are:

  • The Right to work favourable conditions
  • The Right to social protection, adequate standard of living
  • The Right to education

Human Rights Council

Founded on 15 March 2006, by the General Assembly & reporting directly to it. It is composed of 47 state representatives also it takes care of promotion & protection of these rights. There are even entitled to respond to human rights emergencies.

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