Benefits of Mushrooms | 5 reasons of Mushroom being Superfood

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Mushroom is one of those rare food which has been scientifically researched upon. Benefits of Mushrooms makes it a superfood.

Below are 5 reasons for mushroom being superfood and it is for all age groups and kind :

Anti-Ageing :

Anti-Oxidants content of Mushrooms helps slow down ageing process. These anti-oxidants kill free radicals which are capable of not just ageing faster but also to cause cancer. Ergothioneine & glutathione both are important and rare anti-oxidant but these are found in mushrooms. Having these mushrooms is itself sufficient reason to make mushroom a superfood.

Lower Blood Pressure :

Potassium content releases tension in blood created by sodium. Potassium works as stabiliser for instability created by sodium in several body systems and not just blood pressure.

Boosts Immune Systems :

Anti-inflammatory response of Mushrooms adds efficiency to Immune system.

Beta Glucan in Mushroom :

Beta Glucan is type of fibre which is soluble dietary fibre. Benefits of this is more related to regulating cholesterol levels and boosting heart health. It is also responsible for maintaining blood sugar Level also reduces risk of type 2 diabetes.

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Reduces chance of major diseases :

Cancer :

Cancer is known to caused due to free radicals in body. These radicals can be digested with help of antioxidants. Mushroom has antioxidants which are sufficient to digest antioxidant. According to National Cancer Institute, mushroom have potential and may prevent prostate, lung, and many other types.

Vitamin D has also suggested and proven evidence to treat some kinds of cancer.

Diabetes :

Dietary fibres are major source fibre for anyone. Dietary fibres if taken in adequate amount it can prevent and treat many health issues. Diabetes is lifestyle sedentary disease which means if take care of lifestyle, diabetes can be avoided. Taking sufficient dietary fibre in diet will help avoiding diabetes.

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