Best 9 way to get rid of Love handles for men

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Everyday you are trying best to be in best shape. Best way to get rid of Love handles for men is mentioned below.

What is Love Handles & Where is Love Handles

Remember you were surprised when you realised that Fat which gets accumulated at the waist above hips are called Love Handles. These are really difficult to target. Luckily there are workout to lose love handles. Just like we understand about weight loss and body building that along with exercise, diet also plays very important role. Same way losing love handles also have same process to go through. Let’s start with important steps to lose love handles.

Workout to lose Love Handles

Spot fat reduction is a myth where people think they can reduce fat of specific body part. But fact is reducing overall fat is the only way out along with targeted exercise for love handle.

  1. Planks & Side plank : Plank have been always a good workout to loose fat and enhance core strength. Plank also helps in reducing overall body fat which ultimately reduces love handles fat.
  2. Russian Twists : This exercise looks easy but it very effective and bit difficult after few reps. Russian Twists involves Core and will also train abs muscles.
  3. Mountain Climbers : Mountain climbers looks interesting & difficult. Almost all the body parts get trained in here. Thi workout quickly loosen the fat of love handles.
  4. Bicycle Crunches : Again this exercise is focused on core. Cycling while lying on back does involve abs muscles & also love handles fat is targeted.
  5. Swimming : As we all know swimming is the best exercise anyone could ever do but it has limitation for availability & affordability. Swimming involves complete body exercise and burns fat overall.

Diet that helps to lose love handles

Diet plan helps in improving health overall along with keeping fat storage in control. Monitoring is mandatory for proper results. Muscular body or body with less fat

I. Sugar : Knowingly or unknowingly we consume too much sugar when we prefer packaged & processed foods. Mostly sweet packaged foods have 30% – 40% sugar content. Like Cookies & Biscuits, Soft drinks, Candies & Chocolates, Soda, etc. Prefer Sugar alternatives like Honey, Misri, etc., also fruits have natural sugar which does not add calorie to diet. So for sugar cravings fruits can b e preferred.

II. Healthy & High fibre Diet : Food rich in soluble fibre helps to get rid of love handles. High fibre foods are beans, nuts, oats, vegetables & fruits. High fibre food also helps in making feel full for longer time.

III. Be active : Being active means trying to avoid sedentary life. Mostly if you have desk job or you work somewhere you have to be seated for long period. Even if you desk job, make sure you do jogging & running for at least 30 minutes. While working on desk or chair you should stretch every 30 mins which will keep body functions right.

IV. Lift Weight : Lifting weight or weight training helps in losing love handles & activates nutrient absorption. Absorbed nutrients maximises utilising fat stored for energy supply to body.

Also Intermittent fasting helps in diluting body fat & reducing love handles

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