Calorie Deficit|Best way to lose weight|How to Calculate Calorie Deficit

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Creating a Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss - GoNutre

What is Calorie Deficit?

Exercising more and burning more calorie than you eat is . Exercising does not necessarily means lifting heavy weight. Only Running or Jogging will also help in Calorie Deficit. This is one of the best and proven way to lose fat. Intermittent fasting still remains first.

How to calculate Calorie Deficit?

You can calculate approximate calories that you eat by referring Calorie chart. Also calculate calorie that you burn while exercising or running or jogging. Calorie intake can be calculated by using standard chart but for calculating calorie burnt will need a smart watch. Charts are available to calculate calories burnt while exercising but it is difficult and almost impossible to calculate those calories.

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