Coconut Water Benefits and Unknown Facts

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Coconut water benefits have been known from ages to humankind. Benefits are numerous related to skin, digestive system, Immunity, many more.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of coconut water are scientifically proven. Though it is a fruit before even science was practised. Below are benefits of Coconut water :

Best & Natural Energy Drink.

As you know, coconut water is mostly consumed during early morning after jogging or workout. Coconut water has proven and experienced health benefits. Being natural hydrating drink makes it favourable for all. Coconut water is loaded with micronutrient making it an energy drink.

Low calorie Drink

Being low calorie drink helps you to be worry free from calorie content drink. It can be a replacement of most drinks like coke, soda, packaged fruit drinks, etc. With low calorie, coconut water also helps in reducing weight by correcting body functions.

Great source of Potassium, calcium & Magnesium

Coconut water is found to have 10 X more than any other fruit or food. Also potassium in coconut water helps in diluting cramps. Coconut water helps in maintaining electrolyte in body. Calcium in coconut helps in strengthening and proper functions of bones and also muscles. Workout depletes magnesium can be regained by drinking coconut water.

Contains Anti-Oxidants

Anti-Oxidants helps neutralize oxidative stress. Workout or exercise increases free radicals which can be treated. Processed coconut has fewer antioxidants according to studies.

Contains Amino Acids

Amino acids are building blocks of protein. Building blocks itself means it help in using protien. Also it helps to respond positively to stress. Coconut water helps in keeping heart healthy.

While during Intermittent fasting, coconut water will help in fulfilling nutrient needs.

Facts about Coconut Water

  • Athletes rely on coconut water largely for hydration and micro-nutrients.
  • Most of the Americans lack minimum daily potassium requirement which is thought to be offered by coconut water
  • Better than all of the sugary drinks
  • Content of Coconut water :
    • Calorie – 42
    • Fat – 0gm
    • Cholesterol – 0mg
    • Sodium – 25mg
    • Potassium – 470mg
    • Total Carbohydrate – 11gm
    • Total Sugar – 0gm
    • Calcium – 4%
    • Protein – 0gm
    • Phosphorous – 2%
    • Magnesium – 4%
  • Coconut water helps in digestion
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Helps in building Immunity
  • Helps in hangover 😉
  • Prevents Kidney Stone

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