All about PMS Pain! Great ways to cure Pains before & during periods.

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PMS Pain is a condition that creates problem in women such as mental health issue, physical health issue during some days of menstrual cycle . in these days woman’s has to bare lots of pain in different body parts. Let us see the PMS pains & its cure in this article.

1. Back pain before period

There are several home remedies to get rid of Back pain before period, this is not a very serious condition & can be cured easily.

Try to apply heating pad or bottle water with hot water. relaxing could be the best idea for this.

OTC medication- pain relief creams or other oral medication like asprin could be effective against the back pain

2. Cramps-PMS Pain

Heat patch- using heat patch abdomen can relive the PMS Cramps

Essential oils- applying essential oil on the stomach part can cure the cramps rapidly. Essential oil such as Lavender, sage, rose & clove.

Exercise– some study sows that low to medium daily exercise can reduce the cramps pain effectively

3. Low back pains before period

Low back pains before periods is generally due to the excessive of prostaglandins , it is basically muscular pain due to contractions of muscles.

Followings are the way to get rid of Low back pains before period

  1. some women gets benefit from OTC ( OVER THE COUNTER DRUG) like ibuprofen or naproxen just using it before 2 days of menstruation
  2. Exercise …Exercise…& Exercise
  3. Healthy diet with nutritional supplements such as Vitamin & Magnesium
  4. Drink water as much as possible & stay hydrated
  5. take hot bath
  6. avoid chocolates
  7. Say no to alcohol
  8. Say no to Smoking

4. Blotting & gas during period

Gas before period or during period is generally due to the imbalance of Hormones like oestrogen & progesterone . this is a normal phenomenon there nothing much you can do about it but there are some remedies you can try.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat smaller portion of your food at the slower pace
  4. you can try having laxative or stool softener

5. Nipple pain during period

This is generally due the fluctuation in hormones during or before periods. it can trigger nipple & breasts soreness. tis symptoms usually shows up before periods.

So what can you do if your nipple or breasts hurts in period?

  1. Saying no to too much of salt
  2. Saying no to too much of sugar
  3. Saying no to too much of caffeine
  4. Saying no to too much of dairy products
  5. Wearing supportive bra during this period
  6. OTC drugs like  ibuprofen or naproxen
  7. Exercise ( but not rigorous make sure it wont hurt your breasts)

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