Fire In Serum Institute of India-Manufacturer of CoviShield

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Huge fire Broke out in serum Institute of India, the maker of corona vaccine (Covishield). assure supply of corona vaccine said CM Thackeray & Mr. Poonawala

Bad Vibes dragged from 2020 into January as Company which had hopes for world has burst with fire. That fire killed around 5 people.

Serum Institute of India is one of the rare company who got approval of Vaccine for COVID-19. It has given hopes to world for safe life in future. Sadly it has burst into fire. Though sources have said the building was in construction and did not had much stock there in location. So, hopefully this won’t impact supply of Vaccine i.e., CoviShield.

Serum Institute was founded by Cyrus Poonawala in 1966. Serum Institute of India is worlds largest vaccine producer with more than 1.5 billion doses. Atleast 65% of children’s have received 1 vaccine dose from Serum Institute of India. Serum Institute of India is accredited by World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland and is being used in 170 countries.

Fire at Serum Institute of India

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