George Washington Birthdate celebrated as 225th Presidents Day

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Presidents Day has been very important day for America as it is date of birth of George Washington. Also this name is very well known for world even.

About Presidents Day

Presidents Day is being celebrated on 15th of February this year as it is third Monday. He was born on 22nd February 1932. He was the first president of America. There are many places in America named after him.

Almost everyone in world must have seen him at least in photo as it is on American Dollar. His photo is printed on Dollar bills of 1, 2,5,10, 50 & 100. First time Presidents’ day was celebrated in year 1796. Also there’s a traditional food for presidents’ day which is Cherry Pie.

Presidents’ day is also tribute to General who had created merit badge called Purple Heart. This badge is awarded to soldiers who are injured in wars. This badge was first declared in year 1932.

Benefits of Presidents Day in America

It is federal Holiday and many private companies offers holiday to their employees. Though all the schools give holiday to their students. Also some schools are generally closed for even a week.

21 Gun Salutes – Military professionals perform 21 guns salutes across country.

Great Aloha Run – On presidents’ day, military officials in Hawaii collect money for Hawaii based charitable organisation. Also, military officials from other country do same from many other country.

About George Washington

George Washingtons life span was 1732 – 1799. He was commander in chief of the Continental Army during 1775 – 1783. After military personnel, he was political leader. George Washington become hero for Americans after leading Victory against British.

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