Global Warming Solutions!

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Global warming is the concern which everyone of us must have thought of as an threat at least once but what are we doing for that?

Who are the Culprits?

We may think that Global Warming is result of decisions made by manufacturing companies discharging toxic waste. We are the culprits because even after knowing that these ways of doing business is impacting our Nature negatively

Lets understand what exactly is global warming :

Industries generating toxic gases i.e., Methane and Nitrogenous gases also many more get added to atmosphere in and above clouds. Gas layer above cloud is not just for raining but it also has purpose of trapping heat from sunlight. This is an requirement of Environment. But pollution from factories and transport vehicles adds heat to that layer resulting in raising temperature. This altered high temperature eventually impacts on frozen glaciers it has started melting on very high speed. This melting glaciers adds water to Sea resulting in increasing sea levels eventually lands are getting submerged in sea.

  1. Change in technologies(sustainable required), right behaviours(waste disposal by citizens), Government policies which shall promote best use of resource
  2. Sustainable source of energy like sustainably produce hydrogen, using more renewable energy like Solar energy, Tidal energy, Hydral Energy, etc,.
  3. Tree plantation, planting seagrasses and promoting wildlife preservation.
  4. Eating less of Meat and being more dependent on veggies will also help restoring the climate.
  5. Reduce wasting water, buy efficient bulbs and pull the plugs when not needed.

Causes of Global Warming :

  1. Using fossil fuel like burning coal, gas and oil produces carbondioxide & nitrous oxide
  2. Deforestation results into inability of nature to control carbon dioxide in atmosphere
  3. Improper waste disposal results in methane emission
  4. Mining has 5% share in emitting green house gas
  5. Intensive farming using chemical fertilisers results in emission of nitrous oxide

Let’s take steps which could help revive nature like Plant a tree a week, don’t use plastic, use electric vehicles, etc,.

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