How to Brew Beer at Home?

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How about an idea of Making your own Beer at home? Sounds interesting right. Though not everyone can do this possibly but many can.

Basic process of Brewing

Brewing means making Beer. So brewing at home is pretty easy to compared to purchasing it every time you wanna drink Beer. Grains like wheat are used for making beer. These wheat is germinated and then it starts producing more of sugar. This sugar is extracted with help of Homebrewer or ready made sugar extracted wheat is available in market. After this the real process begins and will need minimal equipments.

Brew beer kit

Do you know anyone who brews beer at home? If No then you should be One to brew at home. Ofcourse Brewing Beer will need some investment at start but it will one time. In case you wanna upgrade with equipment after understanding process you can. Imagine friends visiting at your home for the weekend and you seeing your own beer. Below are the required equipments for brewing at home :

  1. 6.5-Gallon primary fermenter with lid
  2. 6.5-Gallon bottling bucket with spigot
  3. Easy Clean no-rinse cleanser
  4. Airlock
  5. Stiphone & Bottling set up
  6. Hydrometer
  7. Bottle cleaning brush
  8. Twin lever bottle capper
  9. Liquid crystal thermometer
  10. Bucket clip
  11. Home beer making booklet
  12. Cooking thermometer
  13. 3-5 gallon stock pot

Ingredients required for brewing beer at home

Above listed equipment were one time investment things. Few things are going to be frequent requirement like Water, Hops, Yeast, Grains or Malt extract. Let’s discuss in detail about each of the components :


Hops are flower of the plant Humulus Lupulus. These hops are in female plant used in brewing. It contains Alpha Acid which decides quality of its bitterness. Quantity of alpha acids matter as well. 60 minutes of boiling hops releases alpha acids as a result bitterness is added. Do note down your own procedure of brewing beer. As it will help in keeping record of good brewing or you can track back procedure if anything goes wrong.


Speciality grains is used in at least small quantity as it adds flavour, aroma, colour & body. Make sure you purchase grains from reputable shop to ensure the freshness and quality. Crush grains properly before brewing. Crushing grains at home or Home-brew shop. Crushed grains is as soon as possible.

Malt Extract

Malt extract is not really necessary but it is most preferred. As extract makes brewing more enjoyable. Also Extracts makes beer exceptionally good. Malt extract is available in Dry And Liquid form. Use of Dry or Liquid form depend upon recipe. Basic thump rule to determine the use of Liquid Extract or Dry Extract is:

1 lb Liquid Malt Extract will produce original gravity of 1.044 if dissolved in 1 gallons of water. 1 lb Dry Malt Extract will produce original gravity of 1.037 if dissolved in 1 gallons of water.

These calculation is required if you are not using pre-measured recipe.


Yeast is single celled fungus as a result it consumes sugar malt and produces alcohol & CO2. Just like Malt Extract, type of Yeast i.e., (Dry & Liquid form) is also chosen very carefully. Till few years ago, dry yeast was thought to be of bad quality but now there are many varieties to make specific type of beers. Using any of those has advantages and disadvantage. Like dry yeast has longer shelf life and needs less care whereas liquid yeast has lesser shelf life and needs more care. But with both the yeast, expected quality of beer can be achieved.


Grains, Malt Extract and Yeast has to be of good quality likewise water to be used in beer brewing has to be of good quality. Water has to be odour free, normal pH and hardness.

After having this ingredients follow How to brew at home.

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