Natural Immunity Boosters helps avoid 100s of diseases

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Natural Immunity boosters have been always underrated. Multiplying or growth of germs results in disease which can be serious at times. Indian community has many herbs which are very important for healthy life. These herbs boost our Immunity as a result we don’t much medicines. These germs can be bacteria, virus, parasite, etc.

Antibodies are the ones which is produced in our body to attack germs and protect us from the infections. This immunity systems is built strong with healthy food like Fruits, Vegetables and lentils. Immunity assures healthy long life. With age immunity starts deteriorating like immunity system almost stops responding to pathogens, production of immune cells decline as a result we get more prone to diseases. In worst case, immunity cells also starts destroying healthy cells of body.

Immunity cells that protect our body from pathogen are:

  1. B-cells
  2. T-cells
  3. Helper T-cells
  4. Killer T-cells
  5. Memory cells

As this pandemic of CORONA has made realise how important is Immunity, since then immunity booster sales have gone sky high.

Natural Immunity boosters to take daily are :

  1. Fruit and Vegetables enriched of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta carotene and zinc are good for immunity boosting like Tomato, Sweet pepper, Oranges, Avocado, Almonds, peanuts, Lemon, etc,.
  2. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like beans, flax seeds and nuts.
  3. Some of the immunity-boosting herbs are garlic, turmeric, black cumins and liquorice.

Commercial Immunity boosters that can be considered are below :

1.HealthKart Immunity is combination of almost everything we need to keep immunity strong.

2. Dabur Giloy Tablet helps in blood purification and is also economical.

3. Clearcut Immunity Booster has everything we need for keeping up our immunity.

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