Must read before buying Smart Watch!

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Smart watches seems to have features which are of real need. Being aware of physical health with a watch is just fantastic. Also it helps in reducing screen time as most notification will be available on wrist itself!

There are just too many smartwatches available to buy priced as low as 500 to 50,000. But all has different set of features from which are few are must to have. Following are same:

  1. Design and Look : As named SMART WATCH it needs to look smart and classy. Body material matters here a lot as its quality decide how long you will be able to use it. LCD and AMOLED are two options available where LCD has brighter screen still consume less battery. Also having button is good to have in smart watch for scrolling options
  2. Battery Life : One of the most important features is how less can we charge our Smart Watch. Most of the smart watches have maximum 2 days of battery life which means we have to charge it everyday Aha! Not a good idea. Having at least 3 days battery makes life easier.
  3. Compatibility : Be sure that the watch is able to connect to your phone as this will offer comfort in accessibility. Only if smart watch is connected to mobile, notification of calls and messages can be seen on watch.
  4. Fitness Tracking : Smartwatches are best device to track health and recent advances like ECG, Heart rates and Blood pressure have made many things possible mainly for unfit and old age people. There are examples where old age have got notifications before getting an heart attack show how important is smart watch for daily life.
  5. Emergency SOS : With hope of having no instance of using Emergency SOS it is important feature. Emergency SOS feature helps in sending our location, call detail and many more to our connected ones during emergency time.

Smart Watches is important to have for old age and health freaks. Even for Non-Health Freaks its a value addition product. It helps making activity faster and prompt. Overall tracking of body reaction to our activity can be monitored by smart watches.

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