Noble Prize winning Anti-ageing Diet by Yoshinori Ohsumi

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Yoshinori Ohsumi has been awarded Noble Prize for presenting proven benefits on 24 Hours Fasting which helps in slowing down ageing process.

Benefits of 24 Hours Fasting

Starving or Fasting for 24 Hours has effect of cell regeneration which is basically related ageing process. This ageing process is called Autophagy. Autophagy is about regeneration of cells. Fasting for 24 hours helps in degeneration or recycling of cellular components. Degeneration of cells is basically about eliminating dead or waste cells . These dead cells add to weight gain and fat. Weight training with limited calorie intake also helps in recycling of cells.

About Yoshinori Ohsumi

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He is a Japanese Biologist and has won Noble prize for proven benefits of 24 Hours fasting benefits on Health and anti-ageing effects. He was born in Fukuoka, Japan. He completed his doctoral degree at Tokyo University in 1974.

He has mostly invested his time is Japan but has also been to Rockefeller University, New York. He is now associated with Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is married to Mariko Ohsumi and she was scientific collaborators.

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