Pepega Emote and What does Pepega Mean?

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Pepega is a emote or emoji used in most social chats mainly by twitch users. Emotes are 😃😁😉, just like these Pepaga is an gif version of emote.

What does Pepega Mean?

Pepega is twitch emote of a frog name Pepe the frog. It signifies Retard personality or Stupid face. Its emote use is humorous. Pronunciation of Pepega is “peh-pey-guh”. It is also available in PNG version. PNG is Portable Network Graphic Image.

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It is Live video streaming service. Many people use it to stream live online game.

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Pepega Origin :

An discord user in 2018 used Pepe the frog to express himself. This was first time use of it in chat. Soon this emote was added to most of the collection as it is loved by many users.

What is Pepega Clap?

It is just secondary version of same with EZ clap hands

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More about Pepega things

Pepega Megaphone is same thing but it screams “foresen” loudly. It is named as megaphone because frog screams with an megaphone. Pepega song is a song about jokes and emotes about streaming using drum and lean piano.

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