Is cryptocurrency ban in India? Supreme court, RBI & cryptocurrency

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The supreme court & government of India is all set to ban private cryptocurrency in India. And can develop its own digital coin such as bitcoin & Ethereum

thoughts of supreme court & RBI on cryptocurrency is that they are planning for all private cryptocurrency in India in India. Private cryptocurrency like bitcoin & Ethereum will be considered as illegal payment.

Although the RBI has cryptocurrency by they are allowing to promote the underlying technology behind it.

Supreme court judgment on cryptocurrency was ban on cryptocurrency & making of own digital currency

There are various countries where cryptocurrency is banned & in some countries it is not.

cryptocurrency ban countries

Is cryptocurrency ban in India?

Yes, RBI & Supreme court may ban private cryptocurrency and cam make its own digital currency. cryptocurrency will be illegal in India

Why cryptocurrency ban in India?

There was a chain of fraud happing in India after Prime minister decided to ban 80% of national currency. To prevent such types of frauds RBI & Supreme court of India decided to ban it.

Is cryptocurrency ban in China?

Yes, In September 2017, Chinese government banned Initial coin Offering a process to raise funds for cryptocurrency. There by banning bitcoin.

Is cryptocurrency ban in Pakistan?

NO, There no ban on Is cryptocurrency in Pakistan. But the state bank of Pakistan has warned and advised people to be cautious while dealing with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin price in Indian rupee

1 bitcoin is equals to 23,85,127.83 INR

What is Ethereum ?

Ethereum is cryptocurrency same as Bitcoin but the second famous cryptocurrency. Bitcoin being first.

1 Ether is equals to 94,526.01 Indian Rupee

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