TESLA in India & Elon Musk

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Finally Tesla is planning to enter Indian market. Elon Musk is known for innovative product with best user experience so hopefully this will encourage Indian brains to create innovative products

Pricing of TESLA Cars in India :

News of Tesla in India have become viral as its an exciting step by Elon Musk may not be much profitable for now but of course it has huge scope in future. Price for Tesla Cars in India is thought to be a lot higher as Rs. 50 lakhs for Tesla Model Y and Tesla CyberTruck. This is least priced Tesla cars planned to be in India. Also Model 3 for Rs. 70 lakhs, Model S for Rs. 1.50 Cr, Model X for 2.0 Cr. Same cars are priced differently in other countries like in US Model S is priced around 70K USD which converts to Rs. 49 lakhs as compared to Rs. 1.50 cr which will be 3 times of its price in US. Here Indian government plays important role in Tesla car price as around 50% amount will be going to Government and that’s not sounding good. Probably this must be the reason Tesla did not thought of entering Indian market but since all major brands are doing good enough Tesla has taken this major step. Tax distribution for Imported cars is 60-100% as import duty, 40-50% as GST, 10-20% for registration.

5 Best Features of TESLA Cars :

  1. Ludicrous Plus mode makes Tesla car an very aggressive cars in speed also called Sports mode in layman language. This feature have been missing in Electric cars.
  2. Autopilot Mode is something which Tesla has shown how its done when it comes to Autopilot in cars. Though there have been instances where it has failed but also reasons were attached to same.
  3. Superchargers just like mobiles have upgraded by charging maximum in just few minutes. Tesla can also be charged in hours on which it can be driven for 100s of miles.
  4. Over-the-Air Updates is again like mobile phone where Tesla car software can be updated as Tesla releases updates for its Electric cars.
  5. Auto-Raising mode is new concept for four wheeler market all over the world as most luxury cars have option of high ground clearance mode when selected manually. But Tesla does this again one Auto mode.

About Elon Must : An Innovator and Inspiration-

Elon Reeve Musk-CEO of SpaceX is an Business Magnate, Industrial designer and engineer. He is founder, CEO, CTO and Chief designer of SpaceX. Also founder of The Boring Company; co-founder of Neuralink; and co-founder and initial co-chairman of OpenAI.

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