6 Unknown facts about Dr. Pimple popper the social media sensation

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Somebody gets famous by dancing somebody gets famous by singing but what if I say somebody getting famous by popping pimple. let us talk about the social media sensation and a youtuber Dr. Pimple popper. Dr. Pimple popper is a qualified dermatologist. she has million of followers on social media.

Who is Dr. Pimple popper?

Sandra lee also known as Dr. Pimple popper. she is a certified dermatologist practicing in upland, California. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology & many more international societies. she a a big social media sensation with millions of followers . she is present on most of social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook E.T.C having millions of followers. she appears on The Doctors &

Dr. pimple popper videos

She is very famous on YouTube you can find her popping everyone nasty pimple. she gets millions of views on her most of the YouTube videos.

she has 6.91 million subscribers and have 1000+ YouTube video. Click Dr. pimple popper YouTube to see her watching popping lots of nasty pimple.

Probably her most watched YouTube would be Dr. Lee Removes A Massive 55 Year Old Blackhead! | Dr. Pimple Popper. Her average video on YouTube is about 8-10 minutes. CLICK Dr. pimple popper blackheads to see her removing black heads.\

Dr. “Pimple Popper,” on Nurses

Dr. pimple popper who is known for her videos on popping pimple & black heads once faced lashes on twitter by nurses by her tweet on WebMD post.

once Dr. Lee shared a WebMD article penned by founder of Hanes healthcare communication Elizabeth Hanes and the article topic was “what’s the  difference between sun poisoning and a sunburn ? a registered nurse explains. Dr. lee comment on this article was “Why would a registered nurse explain this? Why not a dermatologist?” with an eye rolling emoji.

The tweet soon went on fire. memers started making memes of Dr. Pimple popper. Lots of people came in support of nurses. This incident remindes every one the important place of nurses in healthcare system & the public health education on online platforms. To read this full matter click nurses on Dr. Pimple tweet.

Dr. Pimple popper Episodes

TLC Channel Runs her shows online. the shoe has around 6 Seasons & have overall more than 42 episodes. The show is very popular. IMDB Rating of the Dr. Pimple popper show is about 6.6 out of 10 and 86% of google users liked it. In episode four and season five she made a tribute to Kevin Olaeta. He died after filming the episode.

Dr. Pipmle popper Instagram

She has 4.1 Million followers on Instagram and have more than 6000 posts. She frequently uploads pimple popping short videos on her Instagram account. according to some sources she makes $13,000 for a sponsored post on her Instagram account

Dr. Pimple popper net worth

By some sources we can find that her Net worth is $5Million. She charges good sum of money for sponsored Instagram post.

How much Dr. Pimple popper Costs.

Her consulting charge is around $120 but this price can go higher if it is a extraction sessions. Extraction could be around the range of $500 to $600

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