Easy Way to Detox Mentally

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Having control of mind is one of the most desired control for people. So most successful people are the one who has complete control over their mind.

Bestseller book “Power of your Subconscious Mind” is on same thing of how our behaviour is linked to our Subconscious Mind. This gets trained for the behaviour we don’t really notice consciously. It is true “Taking control of habits offers control to life”. Let us dive into ways to Detox our Mind and get the complete control over life :

  1. Spend time to plan chores and task : Just like successful businesses work with planning & execution likewise life needs to have both things i.e., Planning & Execution. Starting from planning the day for daily task, then week for skills, then Month and Year for long term goals. If possible spend time close to nature while planning as it clears mind and fresh air calms our thought process. Though this seems to have least importance for most people. But history of successful people have proved importance of this factor for happy and successful life.
  2. Make an “Junk Journal” : Having a devoted book for noting down things plays vital role for balancing our thoughts. So do make sure that you keep this book VERY PERSONAL. This notebook can have notes of all the thoughts we get even Negative, Personal, etc. There are things we can’t share with anyone are the ones which could impact our life. Communicating about same is very important so write it in a book . If you want to communicate to yourself you shall maintain this book.
  3. Cut the Clutter : The rule of 80-20 is very much important to cut down habits that are not important for life. As rule says our success comes from 20% of habits we have. 80% of our habits drags us to the same place we were. Before observing outside world lets observe our inside world which includes our habits, perceptions, thoughts. Being aware of what are we doing is the REAL mental asset to have. Monk says, “Be Aware of your Life” and it has deep meaning. So observe own-self and cut out stuff which is not required for life. This also includes deleting contact numbers and those people who has negative impact on our life.
  4. Unsubscribe : We subscribe to email, YouTube channels, Instagram Accounts, Facebook accounts, etc., which gives us temporary happiness and distracts from real hustle for life. These random pop up of new content which gives temporary satisfaction are the same thing which stops us from doing our important things.
  5. Spare a day for yourself : Everyone thinks of old age about being free from everything and living life to fullest. But if we think closely about this then we realise even at age of 20 we can spend a day in a month likewise. Spending a day doing our favourite thing like even doing nothing could be for someone. Will regain energy and will fill-in hopes to do our best in life.

With Mind detoxification, Body detoxification is something always helps and add to same purpose.

Live Healthy and Happy Life.

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