10 things you need to know about Dogecoin, A meme based cryptocurrency

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Dogecoin which was started as a joke once touched the sky by 80% . Also it showed trading volume of 800%.

A group of reddit user was the reason behind the rising value of Dogecoin.

What is dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency. The inventors of dogecoin are  Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer a software engineers. the cryptocurrency is based on meme.

Dogecoin is in the news because of its value which is hiked by 80% .

Dogecoin price?

It was previously close at 0.049 & opened at 0.049.

It has market capital of 7.082 billion.

Dogecoin to INR

Like bitcoin has some value it also has some value in Indian National Rupee, 1 Dogecoin = 1.798135 Indian Rupee (INR)

Dogecoin to USD

Like bitcoin has some value it also has some value in United State Dollar, 1 US Dollar is 43.297897 Dogecoin.

How to earn Dogecoin for free?

Okay, Lets make money for free with the help of Dogecoin

You can earn dogecoin from faucets which will pay you with small amount of Doge in returns of some action such as watching videos sharing it etc.

Quick list of some faucets which is highly recommended

  1. EarnCrypto.com

2. Konstantinova Dogecoin

3. Pipeflare.io

4. Cointiply

5. AllCoins.pw

6. Moon Dogecoin

What is Moon Dogecoin?

Moon Dogecoin is a most recommended & famous faucets used among cryptocurrency users. This is the best place where you can earn Dogecoin for free you just have to follow step by step process. Click here Process to claim free Dogecoin

What is Dogecoin wallet?

It keeps your private as wells as public keys & connects with ledge. Dogecoin wallet can be both physical as well as digital. It is also more secure one.

Dogecoin worth

It has market capital around 7.082 billion.

Dogecoin Prediction

Market is volatile these days so predicting Dogecoin is a difficult task.

There are several sources which has predicted Dogecoin, one of the eminent blogger has predicted that one Dogecoin would be $1in the time frame of 5 year

Dogecoin mining / miner

Like you can mine bitcoin same you can also mine Dogecoin Learn how to mine Dogecoin by clicking Dogecoin mining

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